Who is F.A.I.R.

In 1985 Friend of the Wyoming State Fair was established. In 1997 the organization was renamed Friends of Agriculture, Industry and Recreation (F.A.I.R) and approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a not for profit 501 (C) (3) volunteer organization.


F.A.I.R. is a volunteer driven organization, which is committed to supporting and enhancing the mission and vision of the Wyoming State Fairgrounds and Events Complex, with an emphasis on the annual Wyoming State Fair.


F.A.I.R. believes the future of the Wyoming State Fair and the State of Wyoming, exists with the youth programs and youth exhibitors involved in the annual Wyoming State Fair and strives to recognize youth achievements annually through awards and scholarships.

How to get involved with F.A.I.R.

  • Become a Member

    Take advantages of becoming a member of our organization today! By becoming a member, you will be able to participate not only with the Wyoming State Fair events, but other F.A.I.R. activities.

  • Become a Volunteer

    Looking to make an impact at the Wyoming State Fair? A volunteer can have fun while utilizing their time, talent and skills through unique and interesting opportunities at the Wyoming State Fair.

  • Provide Support for Programs

    Monetary donations are used annually to provide recognition for individual excellence and achievements for agriculture and contests during the Wyoming State Fair. This recognition provides a custom made award to recognize the youths achievements and to enhance the future of the Wyoming State Fair.

  • Scholarship opportunities

    F.A.I.R. strives to provide for the future of Wyoming youth through scholarships to first time attendees to the Wyoming State Fair. Since 2020 F.A.I.R. has gifted 36 first time attendees scholarships to Wyoming 4-H and FFA youth.
    Apply today for your chance to recieve a scholarship to the Wyoming State Fair!

  • Make a Donation

    Make a contribution today to help support F.A.I.R and their effort for the youth of Wyoming's youth and enhance the future of the Wyoming State Fair.

  • Make a Difference

    Individuals like you can make a difference for the youth of Wyoming, by becoming an active member, a volunteer, or by making a monetary donation to F.A.I.R.
    The support and assistance you provide to the F.A.I.R. can and will make a positive impact on the 4-H and FFA youth in Wyoming.


F.A.I.R. is looking for individuals to help make a difference in the lives of the youth in the State of Wyoming. Get involved today by becoming a member or a volunteer. You can also get involved by making a tax deductible donation to F.A.I.R.! Thank you for your consideration!

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